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Why Use Staffing for Your Cannabiz?

Many employers are not aware of the benefits of using a staffing agency believing they can do their own recruiting, scheduling, retention, payroll and administration just as effectively. While this is true in some cases, this belief is dependent on many factors including location, job, number of staff, your in-house human resource capabilities and the economy in general. For most small to medium sized businesses, temporary staffing can be a great way to increase efficiency and productivity.

Here are 5 reasons why utilizing temporary staffing can be a cost effective and efficient option for your cannabis business:

1) Saves You Money:

The direct costs of employment are the wage paid to the employee, payroll taxes, insurance, worker's compensation, etc. So when you pay someone $15/hr, the total burdened cost with taxes and insurance is really $18/hr or more and that's if you can even get a worker's comp policy. Because CannaBOS is partnered with the national firm Remedy Intelligent Staffing, our insurance, work comp and other employee fringe benefits are generally cheaper than most small businesses can obtain on their own.

We also front all payroll costs helping your cash flow. With permanent employees, you pay payroll but do not collect income until weeks or months later. By utilizing temp staffing, we pay the employees and bill you later, making the payroll cash outlay closer to when you collect income from sales allowing you preserve cash for a longer period of time.

2) Saves You Time and Increases Your Productivity:

Most managers have never really thought about the indirect costs of hiring. If you have $50/hr responsibilities, does it really make sense to spend hours or even days dealing with $20/hr responsibilities? Indirect costs are the time and effort you or your managers spend trying find employees, daily/weekly scheduling, processing payroll and benefits as well as disciplining and terminating. This is probably where staffing brings the biggest benefits. If we can find great candidates, onboard them, schedule them and pay them, how much time and money does that save your managers who now do not need to spend their valuable time doing those tasks?

3) Expertise:

CannaBOS specializes in the cannabis industry. The vast majority of our candidates have gone through cultivation or dispensary training and have industry work experience. Our pool of employees gives you the likelihood that you will have staff that can meet each of your expectations. This is especially important in an industry that is highly regulated. You need staff that understands and appreciates the laws and procedures necessary to work in your facility and those who will not put your licenses in jeopardy.

We also compensate our employees at the higher end of the range for the respective job, we respect them and show our appreciation for the great work they do and how well they represent our company. As such, we have a core of loyal, respectful, hard working staff that have great expertise and can help you harvest, process and sell more product.

4) Flexibility:

Recruiting and scheduling is one of the most time consuming things to do when you have or need a lot of staff. You might need 10 people for 3 days of work, M-W-F. First, how do you find people with expertise particularly in this economy where most people already have jobs. You may need to call 40 people to see if they have availability. Obviously someone with a full-time job can't do it, some may only be able to do 2 days, some may say they will do all 3 days and then just not show up on the 3rd day.

Utilizing CannaBOS for staffing relieves you of the recruiting and scheduling hassle but we can also immediately add, reduce or replace employees at your request. When you have peak periods of harvest or sales, we can send you staff for just those days where it would not make sense to hire a permanent employee. In addition, culturally not everyone is a fit for every environment. If one of our staff is not the right fit for your facility, we replace them immediately. This basically guarantees that our staff will do the work they are assigned effectively.

5) Honesty and Transparency:

Trust is a huge thing in the cannabis industry. Most of us have had bad experiences where someone or business we were relying on, didn't do what they said they would, were unreliable or worse, flat out lied to us.

Our clients use us week after week because we give them honest expectations, we show up on time, work hard, pay our employees on time and never overcharge our clients.

Don't think of us as a third-party or even just a trusted partner. We are an outsourced HR extension of your business with the same goals that you have. We want to help you maintain a great work environment with happy, productive employees who are able to help get your product out the door and sold as quickly as possible.

Those are just a few reasons to utilize temporary staffing. Please give us a call at (775) 525-1398 or send a note to to see how we might be able to help you produce and sell more product!

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