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Canna Back Office Solutions (CannaBOS) with it's partners offer job skills training for applicants seeking employment in the cannabis industry as well as ongoing professional education. CannaBOS provides courses in the various facets of the industry including trimming, extraction and dispensary staffing/budtending, leading to certification as to a minimum level of educational course work. With the industry being in the infancy stage but rapidly growing, becoming a CannaBOS trained professionals can give you a step up in obtaining employment.

While no piece of paper can guarantee you a job, showing a potential employer that you had the motivation to educate yourself about the facts of the industry goes a long way toward proving what kind of a person you are during an interview. These days, there is a lot of competition for these jobs, and this might be the kind of thing that gives you a leg up on other applicants.

With such a rapidly growing industry, the market for legitimate jobs in the cannabis industry is also heating up. More and more people are getting involved, and they are coming from a variety of different backgrounds but most with no previous experience in the industry. CannaBOS specializes in medical marijuana industry training, recruiting, staffing and administrative services. We not only help employers find qualified candidates but we also training that can help candidates get into the industry.


Marijuana trimming requires very specific skills which are often learned only by actually working with the plants. The work of a trimmer is intricate and knowledge of the anatomy of the marijuana plant and different strains, is necessary to properly care for and harvest the flowers of the plant. Trimmers can make upwards of $15/hour and with experience can eventually become growers or work in extraction/concentrate production where pay can be significantly higher.

CannaBOS will teach candidates about the anatomy of the cannabis plant and how to meticulously prune leaves from the flowers to maximize speed and yield.


Dispensary Patient Coordinator

Dispensary Patient Coordinators (DPC) or budtenders as they are sometimes called, are dispensary employees that help customers find products which suit their needs. As marijuana is consumed for many different reasons and afflictions, DPCs need to be aware of the different types of strains, the medicinal effect and potency among other things.

Marijuana is also consumed in many different fashions including smoking, ingestion and edibles so knowledge in what best fits a customers need is critical.

CannaBOS provides students with a baseline knowledge of different strains available, how they affect the patient as well as on pertinent laws and rules regarding dispensing of cannabis.

Concentrate/Edibles Processor

In most cases, marijuana needs processed into a concentrated form to be made into tablets, oils, tinctures waxes and edibles. Marijuana concentrates is the fastest growing segment of the industry and this field of work is critical to the cannabis medical industry. 

Edibles also make up one of the fastest rising sectors of the industry. These products range from marijuana-infused chocolates and sweets to barbecue sauce and bottled water.

Learn how to process marijuana flower into concentrates and the basics of infusing edibles.


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